Storytelling 101: The Underdog

We’ve been discussing the importance of articulating the problem before you sell a solution in B2B storytelling. It relies on having a challenge to overcome in order for the audience to appreciate the solution.  So – how do you communicate to a customer who’s unaware that they have a problem?  How do you get them…

Values to power brand positioning – and more.

In our last post, we talked about the importance of values for businesses. Strong values create the foundation for a company’s purpose, brand positioning, product strategy, and culture. Identifying and communicating those values to your customers, employees and other constituents can have a galvanizing, energizing effect on businesses. In Jim Stengel’s excellent book GROW, he…

Are you positioned like Chindogu?

I was recently reminded of a hilarious phenomenon that started in Japan known as Chindogu. These are product inventions that are bizarre, hard to understand, and of very little utility. One key to Chindogu is that they are “un-useless” – there is some value they provide – however marginal, and even if realizing this value…

The Trouble with Facts

Were you Yanny or Laurel? Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve encountered the aural conundrum in the last week or two. (For the record, I was adamantly Laurel, but my kids were firm Yannies) This viral controversy is a metaphor for marketers. What we think are facts really aren’t facts. We have to be careful how we use them.

Inspire Your Organization with a Brand Principle Statement

In my last post I talked about why Mission Statements are diminishing in value, and offered an alternative – something we call the Brand Principle Statement (BPS).  The BPS crystallizes the reason for your organization’s existence into a simple statement that everyone can understand, and can serve as inspiration for your employees and customers.