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Inspire Your Organization with a Brand Principle Statement

In my last post I talked about why Mission Statements are diminishing in value, and offered an alternative – something we call the Brand Principle Statement (BPS).  The BPS crystallizes the reason for your organization’s existence into a simple statement that everyone can understand, and can serve as inspiration for your employees and customers.

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Let's Decommission the mission statement – The Fundamental Group

Let’s Decommission the Mission Statement

We have been asked by several clients to help them with mission statements over the years, and we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to put the mission statement as we know it out of commission.  Today’s businesses need something that’s simpler and more compelling.  Here’s why:

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The better way – The Fundamental Group

When Better Isn’t Better

Of course, your software is superior to the competition’s. It’s faster, more accurate, more comprehensive than anything else out there. It causes efficiencies, increases productivity.

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