Change? Uncertainty? Crisis?
What's a brand to do?

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Nothing like a crisis to alert you about what you don’t know, forgot or ignored. At The Fundamental Group, we’ve had the good fortune these past 3 years to work with some sparkling CEO’s and CMO’s who knew that ‘the times, they are a changing.’ We’ve engaged them and every level of their company to re-identify, re-invigorate, re-culturize, and re-evangelize their brands. And the place we start is Purpose.

Successful organizational change starts with a clearly defined Purpose.

As you ask or demand your employees return to the office, engaging them to help discover and express the organization’s Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values and Story goes a long way to making them feel that they might be at a place where they can resume doing career-defining work.

Shake it off.

Uncovering, sharpening, or discovering your Brand Identity should be an inclusive, entertaining, enjoyable, and essential journey that will help shake off the dust and detritus of the past 3 years. Understanding your customers, listening to individual departments – in more than check box surveys – and having deep discussions with stakeholders is brand psychotherapy. And after the past 3 years, every brand can use some time on the couch.

The search for “A-ha”

Our process, vetted by engagements with companies like NetSuite, Tipalti, Billtrust, BlackLine, Emburse and others results in an “A-ha moment” when they discover the emotional value their organization shares with prospects. It’s a shared experience that focuses the Brand, and quickly influences lead gen, product initiatives, website, pitch decks, demos, investor power points, and all future communications. 

When in doubt, give us a shout.

We make the process inclusive, informative, enlightening, and fun. Our sessions are described by participants as “The most fun they’ve had at the company,” and the ‘Best afternoon I spent at the office/on ZOOM.” When was the last time you had fun defining your brand?

Let The Fundamental Group guide your fundamental change.

Today’s business environment confronts leaders with more uncertainty than ever before. Our process doesn’t solve everything, but it does give you the focus and tools to meet the challenges with much more confidence. And it does it in a way that encourages consensus and creates a shared experiences. That reinforces culture, and helps put everyone on the same page, all pulling in the same direction.

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