Over the last couple of decades of helping clients create compelling content, we’ve learned a thing or two.
Here are some thought starters on creating breakthrough messaging and brand purpose.


Sales and marketing interactions need to weave together emotional and rational elements to be successful.  Start with Emotion, Move Into Rational and Return to Emotion to close.

Open the door to prospects' minds.

We call it E-R-E: Emotion/Rational/Emotion

Brand Purpose is about VIBE: Vision/Inclusion/Brief/Emotional


Finding the Fundamental

Our ebook aimed at helping B2B companies develop a highly impactful brand that connects with customers and prospects on an emotional level.


Some insights into the power of purpose, brand, and story as well as our clients’ thoughts on working with The Fundamental Group.

Purpose Webinar

At the start of the pandemic, we discussed why purpose is even more important for businesses. 

How TFG Drives Alignment

Former Chrome River CMO Julie Roy talks about the consensus-building power of the TFG brand process.

A Sense of Confidence

Rob Israch, CMO of Tipalti describes having confidence in the brand  message after working with TFG.

Getting the Strategy Right

Jason Maynard, CEO of NetSuite on the right messaging strategy is so important for CMO’s.