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This is where brand building meets team building.



What does a CMO need from yet ANOTHER branding exercise? How about results? How about a process that encourages consensus from siloed departments so the CMO has buy-in at all levels. Or a process that increases the story-telling abilities of the CMO? Or a process that delivers a message so compelling that it wound up on a Times Square billboard. Our CMO clients tell us that their co-workers thank them for the engagement, CFO’s sign off on their initiatives, and sales closes more deals. That’s not just another branding exercise.



What do CEO’s get from yet ANOTHER branding exercise?  How about achieving a vision, position, and direction for the company that has the consensus of the organization they lead. One that gets everyone working for the same goals, across departments and across divisions.  A branding exercise that tightens the ship so the CEO can captain it into the future. A branding exercise that employees will thank them for just because it was fun. That’s not just another branding exercise.



Our expanded brand and team building process includes company and customer interviews, a competitive audit, and an engaging brand workshop with C-suite and senior stakeholders. It culminates in a comprehensive positioning strategy and an actionable path to telling your new story.


For Startups

Our digital approach helps young companies develop a clear message to engage prospects and investors. We guide the process from start to finish in just one week.

Our Offerings

Whatever size or stage of your company, The Fundamental Group will help you create a clear brand purpose and a compelling story.

Brand Fundamentals

The Fundamentals is geared towards earlier stage companies. It’s a largely digital brand development process that is done asynchronously. Clients select up to 5 team members to participate in the brand building process, responding to questions and completing exercises individually. The Fundamental Group does two 1-hour check-ins with the team along the way, to ensure there’s alignment within the team, and to summarize the outcomes of the process. It can be completed in as little as one week, and it’s easy on your budget.


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Fundamentals Plus

Fundamentals Plus typically includes in-depth interviews with customers and prospects, as well as the senior management team and key customer-facing roles. Once these interviews are completed, we bring your team members together (either in-person or on Zoom) for a half day session that walks you through the key exercises to discovering your purpose and telling your story. TFG then delivers a detailed positioning presentation that crystallizes the findings and clearly articulates your Brand Purpose and positioning in 6-8 weeks. Once this is completed, The Fundamental Group then focuses on creative deliverables that bring your purpose to life.


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Which one is right for you?


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Turning Purpose Into Story

Once you have a clear purpose, you have a great story to tell. Here are a few examples we’ve developed for clients over the years.

Brand Purpose Videos

When you have a clear purpose, you have a great story to tell. Here are a few examples we’ve developed for clients over the years.

Our Services


Where you stand in your category and against the competition and how you can be unique.


Making your position emotional by answering Why you exist? and Why should anybody care?


The craft and execution of compelling stories to enhance position, sales demos, recruitment, and retention.


Corporate videos and compelling explainers to aid in the story telling, enhance customer education, entertain in events or launch new initiatives.

Content Creation

The Range Of Deliverables To Launch Your Fundamental Brand: 



Case Studies            


Social Media 

Sales Decks/Demo’s

White Papers


Team Building

Our Fundamental Process tears down silos and engages C-Suite and senior teams to come together to own and build the brand. See our video of live and ZOOM sessions.