About Our Company

The Fundamental pillars of our approach.

Emotional before rational

Your audience won’t listen to you unless you connect with them emotionally. Neuorscience reveals that emotions are central to decision-making. We help you find the emotional doorway into the minds of customers and other constituents.

Everybody in!

Messaging created by the marketing department is adopted only by the marketing department. We bring all the key people in your organization – whether you’re an enterprise or a startup – into the process of creating your message. That way, everyone buys in. Achieving consensus insures implementation.

Actionable branding

We are not in the business of creating 100 page branding binders that confuse and paralyze more than they clarify and compel. What you wind up with from us is a very clear and compelling presentation that internal teams will understand and adopt. Even your CFO will get it.

Bruce Dundore

Strategy and Storytelling

As a festival awarded and optioned screenwriter, Bruce brings the craft and discipline of storytelling to branding as partner and founder of The Fundamental Group. He also brings over 25 years in advertising as an award winning creative director on everything from Pepsi to Jaguar to NetSuite. 

In fact, Bruce was instrumental in the launch of NetSuite back when it was still called NetLedger. His campaign ‘One System. No Limits’ was foundational to its success and it was during this time that he met Tom Lazaroff.

They had an epiphany: Why can’t a business be as engaging as the best movie you ever saw?

If the CEO’s or CMO’s knew the formula for successful storytelling, and created compelling stories about their business, they could achieve greater success. Thus was born a component of The Fundamental Engagement. The response has been terrific. Is your business ready for its close-up!

Tom Lazaroff
Strategy and Marketing

Tom has walked in the shoes of marketers at companies like Disney, Idealab, Hard Rock, and more. He’s launched initiatives, created partnerships and was one of the original producers of E! Entertainment TV.

He knows the pain of every CMO in launching new initiatives. As a Stanford Alum and an UCLA Anderson School of Business graduate (MBA) he understands how to talk to leaders at his client companies and the customers they seek, which makes him a superlative and insightful interviewer.

He met Bruce while Bruce was working on NetSuite and together they helped that brand grow to become the leading ERP system for small and mid-size businesses. Because Tom has such a deep knowledge of what goes on at companies, he brings a fresh point of view but also the grounded approach of a veteran of marketing wars.